Lamar County Churches

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Advent Church (historical) 312105N, 0893907W
Baxterville Baptist Church 310512N, 0893546W
Bay Creek Church 311024N, 0893425W
Belleview Baptist Church 311848N, 0892819W
Burnt Bridge Church 311449N, 0892726W
Calvary Baptist Church 311733N, 0892359W
Caney Church 310814N, 0893645W
Central Church 311435N, 0892557W
Church of the Lord Jesus Christ 312440N, 0893429W
Clear Branch Church 310708N, 0892117W
Corinth Baptist Church 310706N, 0892804W
Dearman Church (historical) 310451N, 0892102W
Ephesus Church 310829N, 0892615W
Fairview Church 312404N, 0893515W
First Baptist Church 312502N, 0893240W
First Baptist Church 310835N, 0892447W
Good Hope Baptist Church 310951N, 0892655W
Greenville Church 311030N, 0893639W
Hickory Grove Baptist Church 312548N, 0893245W
Hickory Grove Church 312248N, 0893859W
Hickory Grove Church 312250N, 0893815W
Hopewell Church 311807N, 0893814W
Jesus Name Church 312338N, 0893354W
Little Black Creek Church 310157N, 0892753W
Lumberton United Methodist Church 305959N, 0892724W
Midway Church 311711N, 0893155W
Mount Hebron Church 310905N, 0892555W
Mount Vernon Church (historical) 311816N, 0892232W
New Bethel Church 311818N, 0892229W
New Zion Church 312121N, 0892724W
Oak Grove Church 311715N, 0892451W
Oak Grove United Methodist Church 311718N, 0892450W
Okahola Baptist Church 311226N, 0892303W
Old Advance Church 312135N, 0893902W
Oloh Baptist Church 311736N, 0893504W
Parkers Chapel (historical) 311735N, 0893849W
Pine Grove Baptist Church 311116N, 0892854W
Pine Ridge Church 312327N, 0893735W
Pleasant Home Church 310633N, 0893101W
Purvis United Methodist Church 310831N, 0892436W
Richburg Baptist Church 311709N, 0892137W
Rocky Branch Church 311851N, 0893759W
Slade Church 310436N, 0892135W
Sumrall Methodist Church 312502N, 0893232W
Sunny Hill Church 310357N, 0892302W
West Black Creek Church 311721N, 0893238W
Westover Baptist Church 312009N, 0892202W
Whites Chapel 311202N, 0892132W